Customer Feedbacks


Applying for a job in Germany is a very thorough and competitive process, which does not leave room for mistakes and the smallest of details could define your success. Heidi was an utmost professional and invaluable help in optimising my application documents, preparing the interviews and, ultimately, succeeding in my job search. I learned a lot from her and I could not be more grateful for her diligence, flexibility and being always a very nice person. If you are struggling with your applications or if these are systematically declined, then you should definitely consider contacting her.“

– Federico from Argentina –

I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to Ms. Störr for the excellent career advice. No wonder that working with a professional career consultant like Ms. Störr can be an effective way to advance one’s career. She has not only helped me in adapting my application to the German standards but also gave me several valuable hints and trainings for a job interview. I learned a lot from her and it helped me forward in being hired. I gratefully appreciate her undivided attention to details as well as her determination in providing a quality application promptly. I am proud to have her as my reliable career coach. Thus, I definitely recommend other experts as well to seek for her advice to attain a successful job application.“

– KiMi from Athiopia –

I must admit she is very determined in helping others achieving their goals. So far the advice and various help from her have been brilliant. She brought a new touch to my CV and currently working extremely hard in landing me a job. The other factor that I was really impressed, is that being an international from Mauritius, she agree to guide me to find a job. Willingness to make other people succeed and excellent attitude make her a strong asset not only as a recruiter but also a nice colleague to co-operate with. I thank her very much for everything she has been doing.“

– Roshan from Mauritius –

Ich habe an einem Workshop und ein paar Personal Coachings von Heidi teilgenommen. Und dafuer will ich Heidi herzlich bedanken. Dank Heidis Anweisungen zum Bewerbungsunterlagen habe ich meine Quote positiver Rueckmeldungen erhoeht. Vor allem war Anordnung von Infos in Lebenslauf sowie richtige Representation von richtigen Fakten sehr wichtig. Dank Proben beim Workshop war ich zum Bewerbungsgespraech bereit, vor allem zur Vorstellung. Gehaltsverhandlungen haben wir auch geuebt, aber dafuer braucht man sowieso Erfahrung. Aber mindestens wusste ich mein Wert und wo ich stoppen. Also, ich bin sehr zufrieden mit den Workshops, Personal Coachings, und mit meinem neuen Job. Danke!“

– Artem from Ukraine –